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Flip Diapers

Flip Diapers basically are a convenient one-size system that offers a great deal of flexibility at a moderate price.  This product is made by the same folks who created bumGenius in 2005.  It’s interesting that a number of the best diapering products were created by parents—moms whose brains were working creatively while little Junior slept in a diaper considered to be inferior.   Flip diapers are no exception.  The company website reports their objective to give parents a cheaper, hybrid system that will offer both reusable and disposable  options.

Advantages.  One of the main advantages to Flip Diapers is the all-in-one size feature, especially if you have more than one child in diapers.  You can use the same outer cover and inserts for them all, saving time and reducing your mental anguish in sorting through different sizes.   This is accomplished with the use of multiple rows of adjustable snaps and stretch-to-fit tabs.

The diaper fits children from around 8 to 35 pounds, perhaps down to 7 pounds.  So a small newborn might need another brand at first.  But we’ve seen blog and forum posts where parents love this diapering system.

Another advantage is that you can use either reusable cloth inserts or disposable inserts.  And of the reusable choices, you can either go organic cloth, or a more absorbent material that they refer to as  their “Stay-Dry” lining.  The latter might be particularly helpful at night, or for little ones who really know how to fill a diaper, if you know what I mean.  These liners are eco-friendly and consist of 3 absorbent layers of a microfiber material and a layer of suede to draw moisture away from your baby’s skin.  

As we noted above, the Flip Diapers system mostly gets very positive reviews; however, at least one user reported that on occasion the outer cover can get messy due to leakage.  This might be more likely for large, more rambunctious kiddos.  Also, it is recommended to use 2 inserts when diapering a toddler or heavy wetter at night; this can reduce the likelihood for trouble.

Options.  The Flip Diapers system is available in individual sets that include one cover and one reusable insert (remember they have either the organic cloth or the Stay-Dry fabric to choose from).  These run around $13 to $20, depending on what you decide for the inner liner.

It is also possible to purchase Day Packs that include two covers of varying colors, and six reusable inserts; these run around $50.   You can also purchase a single outer cover with either an organic insert or the Stay-Dry insert, both being reusable.  Or you can buy a travel pack with two covers and 18 disposable inserts; and of course, you can purchase disposable inserts by themselves.  Speaking of varying colors, there are like 18 choices in colors for the outer covers.  Finally, they make Flip Potty Trainers, also with some creative and useful features worth considering.

The Flip Diapers system is not the only hybrid product out there where you can combine the outer waterproof cover with reusable inserts or disposable pads.  The all-in-one size is another benefit, especially if you have say a newborn and a toddler.